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My Favorite Tools

Disclosure: Many of the links below are affiliate links. Opinions are my own.

After fiddling with a few other email marketing services, Convertkit has been my favorite. It’s user friendly and integrates with SO many third party services to help you automate your workflows. 

RescueTime is one of my favorite productivity tools. Time is everyone’s  most precious asset. I use it to help me track my activities on my laptop and my phone to help me stay focused on clearing my seemingly endless to do list. 

Acuity is an awesome scheduling tool to streamline the appointment process. If you’re a coach or consultant, I highly recommend it! If you’re looking for a service to automatically sync your calendars, accept payments, and organize client contact details, you should definitely check it out!

I use Canva to create all sorts of things. Video thumbnails, Instagram images, blog images, PDFs, workbooks, and more. It’s a nifty web-based program for those of us who are creative but not graphic designers.

I spend a great deal of time writing. I’m not a grammar expert, though! I use Grammarly on social media, for emails, and on Google drive when I’m working as well. I’ve learned so much from using this!

Ain’t nobody got time to be remembering 2,000 passwords. LastPass is bae. That is all.