Behavioral Money Coaching

Money coaching is a deep dive into understanding our personal relationships with money and ourselves. Further, money coaching helps us make sense of how we express these relationships through the way we handle money. Some common ways that these behaviors manifest in people’s lives include avoidance, frivolous spending, feeling stressed and fearful. There are also very positive things that can come from our personal money relationships like generosity and financial success.

It begins with the 4-step core process. This process will help you understand patterns and behaviors around money.

  • Money Biography: Discovering the patterns, feelings, and lessons you’ve learned about money throughout your life.
  • Mother-Father Mirror: Exploring the tendencies, qualities, and energy around money you observed (and sometimes absorbed from your parents.
  • The Money Types: Understanding how your primary money archetypes influence your current behaviors.
  • Life Inventory: Celebrating all of your personal and professional accomplishments that make you who you are

The objectives of money coaching include:

  1. Bringing awareness to emotions, memories, and patterns that subconsciously drive our behaviors so that we may transform our relationships with money from the inside out
  2. The ability to create greater financial balance and success
  3. A transformed relationship with money (and yourself!)

Do you find yourself…

  • feeling fearful or avoidant whenever money issues come up?
  • experiencing challenging relationships because you knowingly spend more than you can truly afford on a consistent basis?
  • doing so much for others financially and feeling unsupported and stretched thin?
  • consistently working for pay that is you know is insufficient?
  • hiding your money?
  • unfulfilled despite your success?

If you answered to “yes” to any of the above scenarios, money coaching could be a very helpful first step for you in your transformative journey.

Below you can find more information about the different packages that I offer and learn how you can get started with me.

Financial Coaching

The purpose of financial coaching is to get your financial house in order and thriving. 

This service can help you get in position to finally start building the life you want. 

  1. Initial Meeting: We will connect via phone to do a brief overview of your financial situation and see how and if I can support you.
  2. If we decide to work together, we can discuss the different packages I offer.
  3. Once you decide on a package, we can do a deep-dive into your financial past, present and future.
  4. I will create an action plan for you to reach the goals established during our deep-dive. 
  5. Support is a major part of success and we will use your support sessions to ensure that you can stay on track. We can address any challenges that arise whether those problems are related to behavior, mindset or strictly financial.

After working through my financial coaching program you will:

  1. Have the clarity and systems set up to stay organized and make it simple
  2. Have a budget that works to support you reaching your goals
  3. Establish control over your finances 

Financial Coaching could be a good fit for you if:

  • You’re looking for support with getting your finances in order
  • You feel stuck and unsure about where to begin
  • You’re fed up with living paycheck-to-paycheck because you don’t know where your money is going.


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