The Mission

In the search for uplifting resources,  Feel Good Finances was birthed to create a space to change the dialogue we have with ourselves around finances. It is my goal to inspire people to step away from the guilt, depression, shame, stress and anxiety that money troubles can cause and step into a new mindset of possibility, abundance, and fulfillment.

This platform is all about the unique yet critically important intersection of personal finance and personal development. I enjoy teaching my community about finance, but even more so I love helping people understand the “why” behind their behaviors. For us to be able to change the way we manage money, we must first be able to identify and understand the patterns appearing in our lives. To do that, we have to discover the ghosts our pasts with compassion to foster growth and understanding.

I’m a Certified Money Coach (CMC) ® , Certified Business Archetype Coach (CBAC)™. I’m on a mission to help millennials feel good about their finances. Like many, I struggled with living a fulfilling life despite money woes holding me down. Student loan debt, consumer debt, medical expenses, low paying job…it was pretty overwhelming. Now, I am excited to share the skills, knowledge and experiences I gained over the years to take others on this journey.

It is my vision for you to understand yourself in a way that will give you clarity and power to make decisions that align with your personal values, and most importantly, make you Feel Good! So, I humbly welcome you to the Feel Good Finance Family and I hope you enjoy your stay here. I’m here to support you through your journey of personal growth, education, and reaching your goals!

Training & Certifications

Financial Coaching

My training as a financial coach gave me the framework to help my clients discover cash flow issues, build customizeable spending plans, and effectively track progress toward their goals.


The Certified Business Archetype Coach (CBAC)™ is a unique certification in that it addresses the emotional and behavioral challenges that prevent small businesses and solopreneurs from operating at their optimal levels. This is in addition to revenue planning, marketing strategies, in-depth business assessments and more!


The Certified Money Coach designation is the one that is closest to my heart. Through Deborah Price’s proprietary money archetype system, I help my clients identify, understand, and transform their money behaviors so they can feel good about their finances. Whether it’s spending, saving, earning or investing, I’m here to support you in breaking down your money blocks and slay those goals.


As a Certified Financial Education Instructor, I have the skills necessary to inspire, inform, and transform my audience through compassionate and creative engagement techniques. (***I no longer maintain this certification.)

Some Fun Facts About Me:

  1. There are very few things I hate more in the world than banana strings and pickle tails. But I love bananas and pickles…oh well, nothing is perfect.
  2. I’ve had a commercial license since I was 19 years old; I love driving buses!
  3. I’m allergic to shellfish but I love going to get sushi with friends, so I stick to vegetarian options. It’s very tasty!
  4. One of my favorite movies is Jumanji, and it’s still a bit scary at times (lololol)
  5. I have a very low tolerance for “scary” movies…#dontjudgeme
  6. My favorite outfit is my pajamas.
  7. I enjoy staying active with activities like snowboarding and wake boarding.
  8. I am a firm believer in the healing power of a good nap.
  9. Dark shades of blue and purple are my favorite colors.
  10. Before I got into personal finance, I worked in biotechnology!