While I was at FinCon a few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Rosetta Thurman on her Happy Black Woman Podcast. We talked at great lengths about the mission behind starting my blog and why I decided I wanted to go into coaching. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning more about money relationships and behaviors, and I’m SUPER excited to share this interview with you!

In this episode I discuss my reasons for starting this blog out of my own stressful experiences with money. It was trying to figure my way through these ups and downs that led me to start this blog and learn how I can support other women in working through their feelings of worthlessness, shame and guilt.

Rosetta and I also talked about money relationships. Your relationship with money is generally rooted in experiences you had as a child and behaviors you learned from your family. Sometimes you will pick up some really great habits! And other times, you may find yourself really struggling to overcome thoughts and behaviors that have been causing you trouble. But it’s important to know that any troubling behaviors CAN be changed! When I hear people say that they’re “just not good with money”, I can feel the discouragement. But I want everyone to know that just because you haven’t succeeded before doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed! You may just need some new tools and strategies to get you where you want to be.

The money mindset email course I mentioned is available at the link down below, if you’re interested. =)

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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