10 Things I LOVED About FinCon 2016

So, what’s a “FinCon”?


FinCon is the magical place financial bloggers dream about all year long. I heard about it a bunch since I got into podcasts a year or so ago and I knew that if I had an opportunity to go, I was going to make it happen. This year it was meant to be so I took a leap of faith and landed on an amazing opportunity!

1. EVERYONE IS SOOO NICE!! I was honestly shocked at how wonderfully warm and kind everyone is. I have been to several conferences this year, so I had an expectation that it would possibly be the usual conference atmosphere but more fun. I WAS SO WRONG!! Walking up to the conference was like going to adult summer camp, I couldn’t believe the energy in there!! People are so willing to talk with you and as a first-timer, I was welcomed like a cousin at Thanksgiving. I didn’t expect to feel like part of a huge family so soon!

2. MEETING MY FAVORITE BLOGGERS AND PODCASTERS! I had the opportunity to meet several of my favorites and spend some one-on-one time with them. For me, these people are famous. But what I loved about meeting them was realizing that they are the same person online. Their voices & laughs sound the same as they do on podcasts, they speak the same way they do in video. I had it in mind that it would be a very different experience meeting them in person, but I’m glad I was wrong. The one thing I will tell you is that height doesn’t translate well over the internet! I had no idea Nick was SO tall!

Me with the one and only, Latisha Styles!
Me with the one and only, Latisha Styles!
I ran into Talaat and Tai from His and Her Money! It was awesome to meet them in person!
I got to spend some time talking with Shannon, who hosts one of my favorite podcasts-Martinis and Your Money!
I got paired with Nick Loper as a mentor and it was super cool to spend time outside sharing ideas! <3
The Budgetnista! Nuff said.

3. MAKING NEW FRIENDS! I met many beautiful souls this past week, and it was wonderful. I met some people who were at a similar stage as me, still getting started and working through the learning curve. Then I met some people who were very far into their journeys, who were published authors and well-established. The best part was finding some fellow shy & introverted people, who just “got it”. We all huddled in a corner and gossiped about money stuff at a tiny table in a corner. It was paradise.

4. FOOD. I love food and there were lots of tasty snacks, and breakfast was delicious. Anyone who gives me food (and tasty food at that) will be immediately adopted. And by adopted, I mean they just agreed to adopt me. #sorrynotsorry


5. LEARNING WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION! There was SO much amazing information and countless learning opportunities, I couldn’t even keep up! But I came home with so many amazing ideas for where I would like to take my blog next. It got to the point where I had to focus on my next steps and just take what I needed from there and put everything else on pause for now until I can implement those steps. I’m so excited for the few things that I have simmering on the back burner, and all things I will be working on over the next year. It’s going to be amazing!

6. FIGURING OUT HOW TO USE TWITTER! I would mess around here and there with twitter but I didn’t have any kind of fun with it at all. Now I figured out how to use it and I interact on there more with the people I met, it has been a blast. While Facebook messenger is probably my favorite because of all the goofy stickers I have, twitter has been all the fun to message with my new friends from FinCon and follow people’s stuff. Speaking of that, if we’re not connected on twitter let’s change that!

7. FINALLY FEELING LIKE I FOUND MY COMMUNITY: Admittedly I’ve been experiencing a disconnect. I have found some really amazing people in the other communities I’m a part of but it wasn’t until I came to FinCon that I actually felt like I was at home. I didn’t have to explain my vision 456,000 different ways hoping someone would get it, because they have a similar vision. I didn’t have to explain why I’m interested in this industry because the people in it already know what’s up. And the most amazing thing I noticed was how committed everyone is to serving the masses. We all recognize the need for more resources and support for consumers. Everyone at FinCon wholeheartedly believes that everyone can succeed financially.We all have our particular interests but at the end of the day we all want to grow and help others along the way. It makes my heart all fuzzy just thinking about it!


8. BEING SURROUNDED BY GENEROUS PEOPLE! The FinCon squad is full of extremely generous people. They are willing to answer questions, introduce you to their friends, and share their priceless knowledge & experience with you. Those kinds of people only exist in my dreams, or so I thought. I’m so incredibly grateful to be able to sit at the feet of such established and wise people.

That one time Noah Kagan gave me $50 and lottery ticket, say what?!
That one time Noah Kagan gave me $50 and lottery ticket, say what?!

9. CELEBRATION OF UNIQUENESS! There are many different niches within the finance community. Not just personal finance and business finance, it branches much more than that. There’s the frugality bloggers, the CPAs, the CFPs, the AFCs, the video bloggers, the freelance writers, the early retirement bloggers, family finance bloggers, debt elimination bloggers, and the list goes on from there. I love that there is space for all and everyone is celebrated for their unique contributions and ideas for making the world a better place.

10. NEW PERSPECTIVE! I’m very tuned in to the energy of a space. I find that I don’t learn well in environments that are highly competitive and minimally supportive…basically, all of my college career. Fincon was the exact opposite! It’s such a collaborative space that I felt comfortable asking questions and interacting with people. I have learned more in the few days of this conference than I thought was possible. But most importantly, my faith in the good of humanity has been restored.

I had a lifechanging weekend at FinCon and I can’t wait to go back again next year!!


3 thoughts on “10 Things I LOVED About FinCon 2016”

  1. YAY! I definitely resonate with #7 – it was so great to be welcomed by so many awesome people who love making cool things on the Internet! No need for explanation, just lots of love and encouragement.

    Have you kept in touch with your mentor yet??
    I’m so glad I got to meet you!

    1. Hey Katashaaaaa! Thanks for stopping by and I’m so glad we met in real life!! <3

      And yes you're totally right, it was so loving and snuggly! My heart almost couldn't handle it ^_^ I'm in his FB group and we've been keeping in touch. I feel super cool now that I have a picture with him. It's only the beginning! #FinConForever

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