Mastermind Retreat Day 2: Creating with Clay

I finished Day 2 of my Mastermind Retreat and it was FUN!

We spent time doing some creative activities and I really enjoyed it. I have no idea what I made, but it was a thing. It’s pretty cute.


Taking some time out to just be and get my hands dirty was really relaxing. I used to spend lots of time outdoors, working with yarn, painting, and sewing. I was able to reconnect to my inner child and we had a ball. I felt so in alignment to just be messing with my project and unwinding a bit.

As usual, I had some time to think about things (Like I always do, I enjoy thinking lol) and I had some thoughts to share. This website is called Feel Good Finances and my mission is to encourage & support people to make the changes they need to start doing the things they want to do with their money. In my ideal world, people are overcoming their emotional challenges with money so they can just use it as a tool to do the things they desire. For me, I used to struggle with spending on myself. I used to feel so guilty, bleh!

I would always think about the people who have less and all of the responsible things that I needed to do. So fun things fell by the wayside. One day I decided to flip the script and set aside some money for each paycheck to do fun things. I use the money to go to movies, go out dinner with friends, get myself some fancy socks, whatever I’m in the mood for. Really, what that was about is giving myself a chance to change my habits and do something different.

Fast forward to now and I’ve gotten much better at letting go of that issue. This weekend, I had that realization that I have made those changes in a HUGE way! I never imagined giving myself the opportunity to attend a retreat and do lots of fun activities, like creating a fancy coaster or whatever this is…lol

I hope you did something this past weekend that was fun, or relaxing. If you did, let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments below!

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