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4 Financial Podcasts You Should Check out!


I often get the question:


“Amber, which podcasts do you recommend for me to listen to so I can learn more about this finance stuff??” 



I am notorious for going on podcast binges while I’m cleaning or running errands. It’s great hear the voices of some of my favorite bloggers and see which celebrity guest will be on. Here is a list of my current favorite podcasts (in no particular order), check them out!


  • Martinis and Your Money by Shannon Lally McLay: What I love about Shannon’s podcast is her fun-loving spirit! My favorite episodes are her monthly “Happy Hour” episodes where her and her girlfriends Mrs. Frugalwoods, Melanie, and Tonya get together to talk money. There may or may not be lots of shade throwing and giggling. Her podcast is a great way to spend an hour on Fridays!


  • So Money by Farnoosh Torabi: If you have ever wondered what famous people and millionaires think about money? Farnoosh has incredible guests on her show! Some of my favorites were Tim Gunn, Hal Elrod, and Christine Hassler. She has a great series once a week called “Ask Farnoosh” where she will answer listener questions, I’ve had a few of mine answered on air! I love that she takes time to interact with her listeners even though she’s pretty big time. She’s a contributor to O Magazine and had a show on CNBC earlier this year called Follow the Leader. It’s a great show!


  • His and Her Money Show by Talaat and Tai McNeely: If you’re looking for motivating and inspiring debt elimination stories, this is it. Talaat and Tai have a great podcast if you’re struggling to overcome debt, this is a great resource for you! Not only that, they have a lot of great advice for those of you need advice for dealing with financial challenges in your relationship. Their tagline is “Managing money, marriage and everything in between”, and it’s most certainly true!


  • Profit Boss Radio by Hilary Hendershott: Hilary’s podcast is targeted towards women and has women as her guests which is a lovely take! I really enjoy her information packed episodes. She’s a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and has over 15 years in the financial services industry so she really knows her stuff, especially when it comes to investments!


  • Money Girl by Laura Adams: If you need straightforward, simple and clear financial information, Laura is your girl! Her podcasts are quick, they average about 15 minutes so you can learn a bunch of information in a short amount of time. Also, she has hundreds of episodes at this point so if you have questions she most likely has an answer!


  • Serial: Okay, so this has nothing to do with personal finance. But, season one was on fire! Do you think Adnan killed Hae?! I hope they do a follow-up season so I can finally get answers!!

Comment below or tweet me to let me know which podcasts you to try out, and whether or not you think Adnan did it. I’m curious about your thoughts!

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