How Beyonce and Feel Good Finances Go Together

Welcome to the first Feel Good Friday!

You may be asking yourself what Beyonce has to do with this personal finance blog. Actually, it’s very central to the philosophy here at feelgoodfinances. When I was a broke undergrad in 2013 and the Mrs. Carter tour had just been announced, I was beyond determined to go to one of the shows! Then I saw the ticket prices… and realized that my lack of planning along with my $11/hr job wouldn’t allow me to go, this time. But, I was gifted with tickets to the San Francisco show a year later for the On the Run tour and it was AMAZING!! That was my first concert ever in life and I’m so glad that I was able to attend! Knowing how stealthy Beyonce is with planning tours, I promised myself that no matter what I would be prepared for the next concert she announced. And that became my motivation for finding the fun in personal finance.¬†Next month, I’ll be in FORMATION in San Francisco. The best part is that even though I decided to treat myself to pricey field seats, I didn’t even feel the purchase because I organize my money in way that helps me meet my goals.¬†

I learned how to budget extremely well, but I didn’t stop there. I’m constantly devouring personal finance information and I’m so excited to share it. There’s so much information that I have discovered and I have used to my advantage, I would love to take you along for the journey. More importantly, I want to give you the tools and information you need so you can start feeling good about your finances & meeting your goals! I am currently a lab technician in Northern California making a whopping $13/hr, but I’m determined to do what is necessary to feel good about my finances. Come along for the ride!

What have you done lately that has made you feel good about your finances? Tweet me or comment below to let me know.

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