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Hi there! I’m Amber- a millennial, personal finance enthusiast and Certified Financial Education Instructor. I provide transformational financial coaching for individuals who struggle with money management so they can heal their negative relationships with money and start living the lives they desire. Like many, I struggled with living a fulfilling life despite money woes holding me down. Student loan debt, consumer debt, medical expenses, low paying job…it was pretty overwhelming. In the search for uplifting resources,  Feel Good Finances was birthed to create a space to change the dialogue we have with ourselves around finances. It is my goal to inspire people to step away from the guilt, depression, shame, stress and anxiety that money troubles can cause and step into a new mindset of possibility, abundance, and fulfillment.

Personal finance isn’t taught in the average school. So we’re often forced to go find the information we think we need by ourselves and try to make sense of it. I understand that this information can be very confusing! Each of us has to learn to understand and work with our individual financial histories to learn new perspectives, so we can begin to head towards our dreams. If you’re struggling with your finances right now, that doesn’t mean you are chained to that fate. I can help you change the ending of your financial story, you don’t have to do it alone!

Feel Good Finances was created with the hope that this will be a resource for you to understand yourself in a way that will give you clarity and power to make decisions that align with your personal values, and most importantly, make you Feel Good! Whether you need support in building a budget that actually works for you, help with eliminating your debt, trying to work through spending issues, tips for improving your credit or just an accountability partner to keep you focused on achieving your goals, I’m here for you. So, I humbly welcome you to the Feel Good Finance Family and I hope you enjoy your stay here. Feel free to connect with me on any of my social media or via email. I’m here to support you through your journey of personal growth, education, and reaching your goals!

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